Motherdough Recipe Index

Browse a selection of our recipes to get you started with your Motherdough. We are testing recipes and we will be updating this index daily. 

You can also use your existing recipes, using our calculator to ensure you have the required hydration. Motherdough % in your recipe would be 15-30% (relative to flour weight) for regular overnight bulk fermentation. We are happy to help advise you on a recipe, just contact us.


New: Spelt Loaf

Pane cafone - beginners no-knead sourdough

Rustic sourdough loaf

Classic Sourdough Bread

Wholewheat seeded boule


Rye & Barley low gluten boule 

Cinderalla boule (Pumpkin, cinnamon & rye)


Light rye boule (coming soon)

Thin Crust Pizza base

Enriched Breads and Sweet Bakes

New: Cinnamon and Raisin Brioche Loaf

Motherbuns - Decadent cinnamon rolls

Hot Cross Buns

Light brioche hamburger buns or tin loaf  (coming soon)


Rich brioche dough - 3 ways  (coming soon)

Dark chocolate sourdough

Motherdoughnuts  (coming soon)

Sourdough Discard

Motherdough luxury rich dark fruit cake

Herbed dumplings

Sourdough tagliatelle

Buttermilk & cranberry rusks 

Coconut, Pecan & Date Rusks (Vegan)

Grissini Torinesi

Chocolate brownies

Buckwheat griddle cakes  (coming soon)

Sourdough dog biscuits