Eat proper bread

There are 4 main reasons why bread made through natural fermentation is far superior to store-bought bread or bread made with commercial yeast. 

1. Motherdough Breaks Down Gluten

The longer rising/soaking time necessary to raise sourdough breads allows for the breakdown of the proteins (gluten in wheat) into amino acids, making it easier to digest. This gluten breakdown is why some people who have a gluten sensitivity can tolerate sourdough wheat breads.

2. Motherdough Naturally Preserves the Bread

The lactic acid produced during the fermentation process creates a lovely tang in the bread and predigests the grain for you. The acetic acid helps the bread to keep longer by inhibiting the growth of molds.

3. Motherdough is Sustainable

One of the best features of the sourdough process is that it allows you to make bread with the simplest of ingredients, ones that you can even produce yourself. Instead of having to buy a yeast packet for every loaf of bread, you can just add your homemade starter. No more need to remember to buy yeast!

4. Motherdough is More Nutritious

Because sourdough breads go through a fermentation process, many of the simple sugars present in the grain are eaten up in the process. This process makes the bread easier on blood sugar levels. The fermentation process also makes the bread higher in nutrients, especially B vitamins.

Finally, the bacteria present in the sourdough help to activate phytase, an enzyme that breaks down phytic acid, an anti-nutrient found in all grains and seeds. This allows your body to better hold onto minerals, as phytic acid can bind with them and take them out of your body.

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