Gluten Free Sourdough Culture and Flours

We are delighted to be able to introduce Ricardo. Our new gluten free culture based on rice. 

Isolated from Alfonsina's biome, Ricardo produces a strong rise and delicate flavour. We have been testing him out for months and we are finally happy with his performance. 

We stock the food flour we feed him which is a perfect blend of brown & white rice to keep him strong and healthy. 

We have also created two blended flours - white and brown - for you sourdough bread bakes with Ricardo. 

You can use Motherdough Ricardo in any bake that requires yeast, included pre-mixed flours such as Glutagon. 

Motherdough - Gluten Free sourdough culture - Ricardo

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Motherdough Food Flour - GLUTEN FREE - Ricardo

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Motherdough GLUTEN FREE Flour - 2KG White

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Motherdough GLUTEN FREE - 2KG Brown

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