Kenwood for Motherdough

One of the most important investments one can make in the kitchen for a bread baker is in a strong and reliable planetary mixer. In our opinion, Kenwood is the go-to machine for home artisan bread bakers. 

Kenwood produces a range of mixers that offer excellent motors and durability for major dough work, making bread-baking a breeze. Certain of the attachments will help you get the most out of your machine and your journey with Motherdough. 

We have selected specific mixers from the range that we recommend. Added to this are the accessories that would be most useful to you when making Motherdough recipes. We have also include some stick blenders which are great for refreshing and feeding your Motherdough. 

All Kenwood products qualify for the 10% Motherdough Family discount. 

Stock is fulfilled to us from the supplier on order and will be dispatched to you in 10-14 days. 

Kenwood Chef XL

R 6,299

Kenwood Tri-Blade Hand Blender Multipack

R 2,400

Kenwood Titanium Chef XL Mega Pack

R 15,500

Kenwood Elite Chef XL Silver

R 7,650