Made in South Africa

We have a number of products that we manufacture in South Africa. Our kneading boards, couches, baking steels and now bannetons too. 

These items are made for us by small scale artisans creating jobs at a community level. All of the items are handmade from quality responsibly produced, farmed or reclaimed materials and support a key Motherdough principle of sustainability.

We also do our best to source the majority of the ingredients on our store.

Buying a locally made South African product means that you are choosing to keep money, which would otherwise be used to pay overseas suppliers and couriers, in the local economy. 

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Proving Cloth

R 180
Motherdough - Wild Yeast Culture Sourdough Starter Pack - MOTHERDOUGH

Motherdough - 101 year old sourdough culture - Alfonsina

R 210

Motherdough Food Flour - Alfonsina

R 49

Motherdough Rye & Barley Culture - Bruna

R 350