🙌 Make 2021 your Great Sourdough Adventure. Whether you are keen to start, or to add something new and exciting to your kitchen, Motherdough is here for you.

Motherdough is the best "sourdough only" experience in SA.
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We make sourdough easy and rewarding with our strong and stable cultures. Step by step instructions. Culture care support. Recipes and an online community of over 500 Motherdough bakers.

Choose from our range of success-guaranteed cultures:
Alfonsina, our 101-year old original Motherdough (wheat),
Ricardo our gluten free hero (rice), and
Bruna our sultry brunette (rye & barley).

With our "If you kill her" guarantee, we will replace your culture for free if anything goes wrong.

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Motherdough - Wild Yeast Culture Sourdough Starter Pack - MOTHERDOUGH

Motherdough - 101 year old sourdough culture - Alfonsina

R 210

Motherdough - Gluten Free sourdough culture - Ricardo

R 290

Motherdough Rye & Barley Culture - Bruna

R 350

Readydough by Motherdough - 101 year old sourdough culture - Alfonsina

R 290