Wüsthof for Motherdough

We are excited to bring you quality bread knifes just like the ones we use! 

You definitely need a quality bread knife to effortlessly slice through the amazing crust and show off your crumb. After all the effort, time and love you put into making your gorgeous Motherdough loaves, a good bread knife is something you can't do with out. 

All Wüsthof products qualify for the 10% Motherdough Family discount. 

Stock is fulfilled to us from the supplier on order and will be dispatched to you in approx 7 days.

If we don't have a specific knife that you require, we are able to order from the entire Wüsthof range for you, just email shop@motherdough.co.za

WÜSTHOF 23cm Bread Knives

From R 1,149

Wüsthof GOURMET Confectioner's Knife, 26cm

R 1,139

Wüsthof CLASSIC Confectioner's Knife, 26cm

R 1,859

Wüsthof SILVERPOINT Confectioner's Knife, 26cm

R 779