B2B Trade Programme

B2B Partner Programme

Partnering with Motherdough will ensure you will produce the best sourdough products possible, benefitting from our knowledge and the fact that our cultures are incredibly stable, strong and versatile in what they can produce. To read more about why Motherdough is different to the starters most people created during lockdown please click here

Our B2B Partner Programme is where we assist small bakeries, delis, guest houses and game lodges to produce Motherdough baked goods themselves. 

We offer a consultancy service to be able to gear your own operation for baking the most amazing bread, sweet bakes like cinnamon buns, rusks, bagels, doughnuts and even chocolate brownies with sourdough. We don't use premixes, lab developed sourdough additives. We make REAL sourdough baking a reality in your business. 
If you would like to know more, read below and click here to mail us
The natural fermentation process improves nutrition bioavailability, shelf life and flavour. In our B2B Partner Programme we install a Motherdough culture at your premises. We work with you to keep it balanced and healthy. Importantly, we provide a 24 hour swop out service should anything go wrong with the culture to ensure that your production isn’t interrupted. In the partner programme you will benefit from:

  • Initial assessment and scoping of your facility to develop a production plan
  • Advice on any additional equipment that you may require
  • Provision of tools such as proving baskets and baking steels at a discount
  • Supply of required ingredients - particularly the correct flours for different applications, and bakers malt
  • Motherdough recipes with workflows adjusted to the specific micro environment in your kitchen
  • Conversions of recipes for certain existing “commercial yeast” products to natural fermentation with motherdough
  • Training of your kitchen team to bake with natural fermentation
  • Training of your FOH team to enable them to understand the process and sell better to customers
  • Free delivery

    In addition to the above there is also the possibility to co-Brand your baked goods as "Motherdough inside" and use our branding and story as part of you marketing and presentation to customers. This can be a royalty on your average sales or on a ticket system whereby you purchase holographic stickers from us to apply to each loaf as a symbol of authenticity (almost like how European countries apply tax seals on alcohol bottles). If you choose this “Motherdough inside” option there is no monthly fee for support. 

    The costs for the Partner Programme are tailored to each client. We charge a mix of consulting and set-up fees, and a reasonable monthly fee for support depending on the size of the operation.

    Most of the sourdough bread sold in supermarkets, larger bakery chains and even some smaller operations is not 100% authentic. In the UK a high street survey revealed 8/10 breads tested were faked. In South Africa we have similar challenges as our labelling laws are not strict enough with no means of enforcement. To achieve “sourdough” often acids and/or yogurts are added to the dough, and while an amount of starter may be present, commercial yeast is also added to spur on fermentation. In this way the health benefits of sourdough are not realised. In establishments where sourdough is authentic and supplied by micro-bakeries or home-bakers, the quality of this bread is often less than perfect - not correctly made, too heavy, crust too hard and an impractical crumb.

    B2B Reseller Programme

    Exclusive discount off all of the products in our store (excluding Kenwood, Courses and Cultures). This discount will be permanently active with your unique discount code. 

    As we try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible for our online customers, we don’t have huge margins to be able to offer deep trade discounts. The benefit however is that your customers don’t pay shipping (as they do with us) and you can use that benefit to some extent in calculating your own margin. 

    RETAIL PACK of Motherdough Original Cultures

    If you would like to sell our Motherdough Cultures, we prepare a retail pack that includes the culture, a jar and instructions on how to join the Motherdough community as a retail purchaser. We will provide you with some POS / display signage assessed after a site visit.

    The cultures need to be kept in the fridge and have a shelf life of 14 days. Customers have 14 days from day of purchase to get their culture going at home.
    Note that should a culture go past the sell by date in your fridge, we offer 1 free swop out of the culture. 

    Alfonsina  - 100% wheat: Culture only + (jar)  (Motherdough's original culture) 

    Ricardo 100% rice: Culture + 1kg food + (jar) Gluten free (Sibling to Alfonsina, the biome has been isolated and propagated in rice) 

    Bruna 80% rye, barley 20% wheat: Culture + 2kg food + (jar)  low gluten (Sibling to Alfonsina, the biome has been isolated and propagated in this base) 

    We can supply you with our 3 food flours for the above cultures and apply your reseller discount.

    All your customers will benefit from the “If you kill her guarantee” and they will be able to get a replacement culture from us if the culture dies within 60 days of purchase. 
    These cannot be ordered online, so we we need to receive an email order from you with your requirements. 

    Other Product Lines

    From time to time we have seasonal products such as our Motherdough Luxury Christmas Cake in Box. For the first time we will also be doing a panettone kit for 2021 and this will include a video lesson on how to make it. You will be able to order these products in advance to ensure that you have these for the festive period. 

    We also have a sister company which produces herbed salts (with extremely fragrant herbs imported from Italy), loose imported herbs, herbed sourdough breadcrumbs, teas specifically designed to be infused in alcohol in silk teabags from Italy, rock sugars with spices and flavours in grinders, speciality sugar for making perfect panna cotta, honey in a squeeze tube to highlight a few.