Hydration Calculator

One of the biggest factors to influence the type of product you produce is "hydration." You need to ensure your dough has the correct amount of water, or any liquid such as milk or juice (but not oil).

We know that maths can be a pain - so we have made a calculator for you. Just insert the variables and press calculate. This will show you how much liquid your recipe requires to achieve the desired hydration.

Flour value should be inserted as the total weight of all the flour in your recipe. e.g.: 150g Wholewheat flour, 300g White Bread flour = total value of 450g to insert. Note that nut flours don't absorb water and should be included under other ingredients.

Oil would be any fat. If you are not adding fat or other ingredients to the dough, insert "0". 

The flour and water in Motherdough are calculated automatically based on how much Motherdough you use, correctly adjusting the final calculation.

Finally, the amount of water (liquid) required to achieve the desired hydration as well as the standard 2% salt ratio is calculated for you. 

The calculator also gives you a rough estimate of the expected weight of the product when it comes out the oven. 

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