Ready to bake: A Name

As human beings we have a culture of giving living things names. 

You'll soon realise that your Motherdough is like a pet, even another child and giving her a name is one of those things that you just need to do.

It may seem weird in the beginning, but soon you'll be talking about her, and even talking to her. After a while your family and friends will even ask how she is doing. 

Bakers across the world have given their Motherdough funny names, names to honour a granny, names to remind them of a movie star or a favourite place. There isn't really a rule apart from the single fact that she identifies as female. 

Why not take a snap of you and your Motherdough and post it on our social media to tell us what name you have chosen for her. Alfonsina will be delighted to see her family tree growing. 

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