Getting started with Motherdough

So you've ordered Motherdough and she's on her way. What must you do now to get ready?

In addition to the PDF download you receive when you purchase, here are some useful articles on what you need to be ready. Click on the link below.

You need to gather equipment,

buy some basic ingredients for baking and to feed your Motherdough,

and start thinking of a name

There is also a private Facebook group for verified Motherdough customers. It is a virtual "bakery" to share successes and failures, ideas, projects and problems. Motherdough will also share recipes here from the Motherdough blog, with discussion and technical support to help execute those recipes better. Join Motherdough oven.

If you have any questions, use the form below to get in touch. If you haven't yet order your Motherdough hit the big green button to buy now.