Bannetons (Proving Baskets)

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MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA, from only R 288,00 each.  We are taking orders with a production delay of approx 21 working days.

In partnership with a leading design duo, we are now making bannetons locally. This part of a community project to create jobs. 

The bannetons are made by hand from sustainably sourced unbleached cane which is more dense than the cane used on the Chinese imports. This makes the baskets more durable (but a little more challenging to make). 

Our bannetons are available in 5 variations with a liner as an option. Medium are suitable for up to 750g dough, large 1,5kg and the special "ciabatta" shape up to 500g. 

Cane is by far the best performing material for a proving basket. Dough will not stick to a seasoned basket and the basket can also be dried in a 70 deg C oven to sterilise it. 

*10% Motherdough Family (MDF) discount applies to our full banneton range. Use your register number on checkout for the discount to be applied to the price displayed.

Round medium (22X8cm) + liner option 

Rectangle medium (25X13X7cm) + liner option 

Round large (26X10cm) + liner option 

Rectangle large (30X13X8cm) + liner option

Ciabatta (30X13X4) - no liner

Our first small run has been completed and we will now increase production. We are taking orders with a production delay of approx 21 working days. We will narrow this gap pretty quickly as we train artisans and should be holding stock items from November. Thank you for your support and more importantly a little patience as we get going.
Instead of most of the money spent on imported bannetons leaving the country and being spent on courier fees, purchasing locally made bannetons keeps the money in the South African economy creating a real economic benefit at a community level. 
Thank you for choosing to support locally made.