Sourdough Masterclass 1.0

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The Sourdough Masterclass 1.0 takes you through the 7 key steps of sourdough baking, starting with culture care right up until you cut and eat a delicious loaf.

Book a date or buy it as a gift voucher with an "Open Date" TBC. 

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Sourdough Masterclass 1.0

We have combined the best elements of the “7 Stages" course, and the "Classic Sourdough" course into a new Masterclass course 1.0 for beginners and intermediate bakers. 

The are no prerequisites for joining this course.

It is an excellent grounding from the beginning. 1.0 sets participants on a path to make great bread. The course starts with the bare basics and continues into more detail and expands on the topics. The course condenses the 7 steps of sourdough baking from 36 hours into a 8/9 hour day.

This is a great way to start your baking with natural fermentation, or get an overview and some tips on the process if you have already started sourdough baking. We cover the important technical aspects of your sourdough culture, fermentation, and all of the variables that go into producing a perfect loaf. 

Motherdough's Classic Sourdough Boule recipe from beginning to end and the Pane Cafone recipe which participants mix and take home to bake the following day. 

This is an ideal course for a beginner or someone new to baking with natural fermentation as we touch on all the aspects in the process to make a loaf of bread. This is a fast-paced 9 hour day is packed full of info to help you begin to develop your baker's instinct arsenal and dive deep into your sourdough adventure. 

After doing this course you will be able to 

  • Understand the fundamental of natural fermentation and unpack the health benefits of baking in this way.
  • Make a no-knead sourdough bread like a pro.

  • Prepare a classic sourdough boule in a machine, bulk ferment, fold, shape, prove and bake. 
  • Care for your motherdough and know how to keep her balanced and healthy.

  • Understand the basic construction of recipes and the effect of different ingredients in the dough.

  • Learn how to tell when gluten is developed, proving is optimal, your bread is fully baked.

  • Understand the different baking approaches (steel, stone, dutch oven) and learn how to get the most out of your domestic oven.
  • Discover and practice the manual kneading techniques for doughs standard doughs and very wet doughs.

  • Learn about using bannetons, couches and lames.

  • Use your mixer effectively in any recipe

This 1-day immersion is a fantastic gift idea too. 

The course is held on from 9am to 5pm. It includes a light lunch. Every participant also receives a free Motherdough culture. In CPT the courses are held at the Motherdough Studio in Woodstock (From April at the Motherdough Studio in CPT CBD). In JNB they are held in West Road South, Morningside.

R1,400 per person. Lunch & Motherdough Culture Pack included. 9am to 5pm.

Remember that Motherdough U courses are now limited to a reduced no of participants per date, so we sell out quickly.