Your Motherdough Culture - ONLINE LIVE STREAM WORKSHOP

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We are excited to introduce live streamed course modules from Motherdough U.

Joining via a web browser, participants will see 3 windows on their screens showing the presenter, the workbench and a moving camera for detail and close ups as needed.  

In this interactive session participants will be able to ask questions and also show their progress. A WhatsApp group will be used during screen downtime (between live modules) where help or confirmation is needed on progress and the evolution of the bake. 

There is also a fly on the wall option for people who just want to watch the session on their computer or smart device. 

Interactive Course Participation - R800 per person (limit 8 people) 

Video Stream "View-only Access" only - R 180 per person (Please confirm your preferred date and we will send you the link to view the stream).

 “Motherdough Activation & Care” Module

This session starts at the very beginning with the delivery of your Motherdough culture starter pack + jar which is included in the course cost.

The single most important aspect in baking with natural fermentation is a strong and healthy culture. Without this you will not succeed.

We will work with you to start your culture, feed & care for it and get it ready to bake. We will cover the important aspects of culture care and also demonstrate some care techniques including bathing your culture.   

This is a short module of 60-90 minutes hour to give you all the info and tips that you need and prepare together, and then individual support will be provided as needed via WhatsApp to get the culture strong and healthy.

You will need:

Digital scale

Stick blender, nutribullet or food processor

As well as bowls etc. A full list will be sent to you before the course.