SAVE 25% - Motherdough Culture Gift Pack with Proving Basket

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We have group together some key products in a gift hamper.

The best part is that you get everything you need to start you motherdough and bake your first bread. What's more is you save more than 25% this way, compared to buying the items separately.

What's included in the gift pack:

101-year-old Motherdough culture from Alfonsina.

1litre clip top jar.

2kg Motherdough Food flour.

Proving Basket (medium) Choose round or rectangle

500g Rice flour for dusting the proving basket.

250g Classic Bakers malt - bread-baking's magic ingredient.

Flexible bowl scraper.

Hard bench scraper.

Cotton bread bag - best way to store your bread. 

Motherdough is the best sourdough experience in South Africa.

You get recipes, a help line, a private Facebook group with over 700 fellow Motherdough bakers to support you, and a 60-day success guarantee when you start your own Motherdough baby from our 102 year old "Alfonsina."

Using our strong and stable culture at home is easy. Make the most delicious bread and a variety of tasty treats in your home kitchen. Motherdough delivers amazing aroma, round flavours, with limited acidity giving you just the right amount of umami.

We will walk you through the journey with care support and recipes. The culture is guaranteed to activate or we will replace it. What's more is you will always qualify for a 10% Family Discount in our tools and ingredients store.


We also include a coffee stirrer and a blade to create a simple lame to practice with before you splurge on the real thing.