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Why Motherdough?

Although it is possible and easy to create a sourdough culture from scratch, using Motherdough has several advantages:

She is more reliable.

She is more stable, active, and resilient.

She is more adaptable and versatile.

She can guarantee a more pleasantly flavoured product.

She is easier to bring back to health when she gets a bit off balance.


If you kill her within the first 60 days of purchase, we'll replace her for free*


Take the sour out of "sourdough"

Use our 101 year old wild yeast to discover natural fermentation baking on your sourdough adventure the easy way. 

Anyone can start a sourdough culture from scratch. Getting it to a point of being stable and predictable in producing delicate flavoured bread with a strong rise is where the challenges begin. 

Join the Motherdough community and we will:

Share our 101 year old Motherdough culture with you.

Support you to maintain your Motherdough in peak condition.

Provide you with basic recipes that will hone key skills.

Help you to rescue your Motherdough when she isn't feeling her best.

Connect with over 700 Motherdough bakers in our closed online community as well as other keen bakers through our social media.

Inspire you to experiment and try new things in the kitchen. 

Our Motherdough comes with a guarantee. If you happen to kill her within 60 days of purchase we will send you a fresh culture, free.*

Eat proper bread

Find out why

Meet our mother

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