Courses & Workshops by Motherdough U

We are excited to bring you the first courses from Motherdough University, Motherdough “U”. These time-efficient courses are designed to help to get “U” and your Motherdough working together as a powerhouse team to create baked deliciousness in your home kitchen.

We host most of the classes at our studio in Woodstock, Cape Town or in Morningside, Sandton. 


Motherdough Masterclass,” starts with the bare basics and continues into more detail and expands on the topics. The MasterClass takes place once a month, on Saturday, and is hosted at The Kitchen Collective in BoKaap. The course condenses the 7 steps of sourdough baking from 36 hours a 9 hour day.

“7 stages of Sourdough Baking” has the same course content as the Masterclass, in more informal and intimate setting at the Motherdough Studio in Woodstock or at our venue in Sandton. It is almost like being in a friend’s kitchen.

This is a great way to start your baking with natural fermentation, or get an overview and some tips on the process if you have already started sourdough baking.

Participation is limited to a maximum of 8 people.

"Sourdough in a Day" course looks at the perfect realisation of a classic sourdough loaf in in a single day. The course focuses on Motherdough's Classic Sourdough Boule recipe from beginning to end, as well as culture care.  The day is paced to enable contemplation and focus on each step on a journey to perfection.

This is a useful course to someone who has recently started baking with natural fermentation and who wants to improve on their self-taught skills in a focused way.

Participation is limited to a maximum of 8 people.


SPECIAL FOCUS CLASSES – FULL DAY (Limited to 6 participants)

“Enriched Doughs” are not for the faint-hearted and this course looks at how to prepare your Motherdough for a big bake with a lot of fat and/or sugar in the dough. We will cover the technical aspects of flour choice and mixing enriched dough to successfully incorporate the ingredients. We will prepare some popular recipes together including our Motherbuns, basic brioche dough to make Babka and a savoury enriched bread.

“Difficult Dark Flours” baking with rye, barley, spelt and other low gluten flours is challenging because of the technical limitations of getting structure into the dough. We will cover baking breads with these flours focusing on a light rye bread and a more challenging Rye & Barley (75%). We will also touch on discard use for a Motherdough with these flours. For this course we will also use the Motherdough low gluten culture, Bruna.

"Beyond the Boule" takes your basic sourdough knowledge and amplifies your bread basket with bread of different styles. The full day course unpacks 3 Motherdough recipes, as well as preparation of preferments for these bakes.  Authentic Focaccia Recipe with different toppings, pizza and ciabatta

Bookings, Confirmation & Cancellations

We require booking and payment via our online system to confirm your registration.

We understand that these are uncertain time and we are keen to be as flexible as possible with our cancellation and rebooking terms. 

We will offer a full refund on the course booking if cancelled within 7 days, for shorter periods we will offer a date change or a voucher to use on our store.

If we are able to fill your space with someone on the waiting list, you will have the option to change your date, ask for a voucher or get a full refund. We will also accommodate participant name changes up to the day before of the course.


Motherdough Masterclass - 23 January 2021

R 1,450

7 stages of Sourdough Baking

R 1,400

Classic Sourdough in a Day

R 1,400

Enriched Doughs Workshop

R 1,600