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    Bread (all vegan), with extra virgin olive oil & sea salt


    Classic white     100% stoneground white wheat flour.

    Semolina            60% semolina 40% stoneground white wheat flour.

    Ciabatta              Stoneground white wheat flour, Italian semolina, Italian 00.

    Baguette             Stoneground white wheat,  unsifted stoneground wheat, Italian 00. (no oil)

    Focaccina              Mini focaccia with different dressings.

    Spelt                       60% stoneground spelt with Italian semolina, stoneground white wheat..

    Seeded wholewheat 100% unsifted wheat flour with mixed seeds and seed garnish.

    Light rye               60% rye with dark barley flour, oat bran, stoneground white wheat, spice

    Rustic olive          Crushed olives, 100% stoneground white wheat

    Bread sticks         100% Stoneground white wheat; cheese onion, green olive, garlic & herb


    Our bread should have a shelf life of 3-4 days* when stored on the counter in a bread bag, or a paper bag covered with a tea towel. Nonna might tell you to wrap it in the table cloth. Do not store in the fridge, in plastic or an airtight container. The bread needs to breathe to maintain quality. The bread also freezes well.

    9 products
    Classic White
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    Seeded Wholewheat
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    Rye & Bran - Axelbrot
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    Rustic Olive
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    Our Classic White

    Often customers coming into the shop for the first time say "Can I have a sourdough?" Of course our reply is "Everything here is sourdough." The classic white is just the beginning.