What is important to us?

We want our customers to know that they are making the healthiest possible bread choice when they choose to buy from us. We want to improve lives by feeding people better food, and educating them to make better food choices.

Why do naturally fermented products taste better?

Sourdough breads and other naturally fermented products taste better.

The products we make more complex, more aromatic, and more adaptable to a wider range of applications and flavours than commercially produced products. Baking with a sourdough starter can bring other flavours to the fore, such as the caramel, earthy notes of whole wheat or the subtle sweetness of dairy. This improved flavour comes from a sourdough starter’s microbial diversity, a feature that commercial yeast lacks.

In comparison, breads made with commercial yeast have a distinct character: A monotone, sweet, beer-like aroma that often dominates in breads like a brioche or a white sandwich loaf.

Why are naturally fermented products “healthier?”

Properly fermented bread can offer improved digestibility through gluten reduction and phytate removal, enhanced nutrient absorption, lower blood sugar level increase and provision of prebiotics to feed healthy gut flora.

Not all sourdough is created equal. There is often a huge difference between what is labelled as “sourdough” in the store, and proper bread made with a natural fermentation process.  

Why do there seem to be so many bread allergies on the rise?

Even for non-celiacs, your ‘inner skin’ works hard to digest and deal with the mountains of things we ingest and, as a consequence, can easily become damaged. Alcohol, antibiotics, caffeinated drinks, fried foods and painkillers, as well as food allergens, are the most common culprits.

Add to this the chemicals and industrial processing agents used in the making of mainstream bread and you have a perfectly justifiable recipe for intolerance.

The result is that the digestive tract becomes more permeable and undigested food proteins enter the bloodstream. Then your immune system attacks the gate crasher.

Eating properly fermented bread products, made without industrial ingredients, can be part of the solution to help building a strong and healthy gut.

We continually read and research further into the question of health benefits digestibility as more studies are done and more information is published. We will share interesting things we uncover with our customers.