How does fermentation improve digestibility?

Motherdough products, and other genuine sourdough or naturally fermented bake goods are made with simple basic food ingredients. 

For many, simply removing the commercial chemical cocktail used in modern bread from their diets, by eating traditionally made slow fermented breads, may be enough to eliminate digestive problems. Natural fermentation takes things a step further by actively working on the ingredients in the dough creating real benefits. 

 In proper bread there are none of the processing aids so often found in commercially produced loaves, such as added yeast, flour treatment agents, emulsifiers, added gluten, preservatives or added enzymes.

Gluten allergen reduction is a key benefit of proper sourdough fermentation.

Glutenin and Gliadin, usually the latter, are two proteins cause severe allergic or inflammatory response in individuals with coeliac disease.

They also cause people with related, non-coeliac, gluten sensitivity to react with some form of inflammatory response.

When we start mixing dough, adding water to flour, these two proteins combine and create a rubbery substance called gluten. Not all of the free proteins combine and these are left in the dough and remain in the final baked product. These “free” proteins are where the problem for people with sensitivities begins.

What makes sourdough fermentation powerful, is the work of protease and peptidase enzymes. These enzyme act on the excess gluten proteins to break them down into harmless amino acids, reducing the allergic potential of the bread - making it easier to digest for people with sensitivity. 

We do have a lot of positive feedback from customers who can’t usually eat bread & pastries, but tolerate Motherdough products really well. However, we are not advising that people suffering from coeliac disease or genuine allergies to wheat or gluten should start eating sourdough bread, or Motherdough products. We are giving you some information to help make your own decision. It is also important to remember that, for the most part, what is sold as sourdough commercially may not be made with a natural process at all, and gluten allergen reduction will be limited or none at all.