Where is sourdough on the glycemic index?

Studies show that fermentation using natural yeasts and lactic acid bacteria resulted in a bread that was digested more slowly and caused less of a spike in blood sugar levels when it was eaten.

Sourdough bread has a GI rating of 54 and a GL rating of 8, while bread made from white wheat flour has a GI rating of 71 and a GL rating of 9. This combination of a GI rating of 54 and a GL rating of 8 puts sourdough bread in a low GI category, according to international tables.

Low GI foods help facilitate weight loss in a smart and sustainable way by reducing insulin levels, which plays a role in fat metabolism. These foods also facilitate greater fat loss – low GI foods help burn more body fat and less muscle. Promoting satiety and delaying hunger due to a slower rate of digestion.

Low GI food causes a slower and steadier increase in blood sugar levels, making it a favourable option for individuals monitoring their blood sugar, such as people with diabetes.