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A focaccina is a small focaccia.

Focaccine is the plural.


We make our focaccia dough in the Pugliese style, with semolina and potato in the dough.


It is a soft, moist bread with a good salt balance and generous amounts of extra virgin olive oil. It’s a bit taller and less crispy than the Tuscan schiacciata, with more body than the focaccia Genovese.


We use plain sea salt focaccine to make our panini.  We also sell dressed focaccine to eat as they are: 


  • Garlic and herb
  • Black olive, tomato and chilli
  • Caprese (fior di latte, basil, tomato)
  • Onion, oregano & parmigiano
  • Feta, black olive and mint


Shelf life: Consume on day of purchase.

Not recommended for freezing.