Everyone deserves great pizza.

Ooni's innovative pizza ovens make cooking incredible pizza at home fast, easy and totally delicious.

To make truly fantastic pizza, you need very high heats; and Ooni ovens provide just that. Buy your oven from us and we'll teach you how to use it.

Ooni Karu 12"/30cm + Pizza Course & Starter Pack
Ooni Karu 12"/30cm + Pizza Course & Starter Pack

Ooni Karu 12"/30cm + Pizza Course & Starter Pack

SKU: Ooni-karu-12-stainless

Ooni Karu 12"/30cm + Pizza Course & Starter Pack

SKU: Ooni-karu-12-stainless
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Master the art of wood fired pizza with the Ooni Karu.

Fuelled by real wood or charcoal, this stylish oven allows you to cook authentic, stone-baked pizza in any outdoor space in just 60 seconds.

The Ooni Karu is also gas compatible — simply purchase an Ooni Gas Burner attachment to extend your fuel options.

This product is in stock at the warehouse. It will ship from us in 5-7 working days, reaching you 3-7 working days later.

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Which Ooni to choose ?

Get a FREE pizza course

Thanks to our collab with Ooni, your new Ooni comes with

A voucher to attend a Motherdough Pizza Workshop to hone those skills live and in-person, in Franschhoek.

Two pizza base recipes to get you started, seriously good 00 flour and proper tomatoes.

Karu - Multifuel

Multiple fuel options for maximum cooking flexibility. The Karu 12 and 12G are super portable and the Karu 16 is the top of the line.

Fire up with wood or charcoal right out of the box. Gas adaptor sold separately.

Reaches 500°C ( 950°F) in 15 minutes, for fresh stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds.

The added oven door on the Karu 16 or 12G broadens the versatility of these oven to other dishes and baked goods.

Koda - Gas

Gas fueled for the ultimate ease and control. No need to worry about playing wood & charcoal - just switch on and go!

Reaches 500°C ( 950°F) in just 15 minutes. Cooks stone-baked fresh pizza in just 60 seconds.

The 12"/30cm model is the best all-round choice for performance and portability.

If you want to make slightly bigger pizza, then the 16"/40cm Koda is the unit for you.