Wüsthof Classic Super Slicer 26cm

Wüsthof Classic Super Slicer 26cm

SKU: 4532-7

Wüsthof Classic Super Slicer 26cm

SKU: 4532-7
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Add a serrated sword to your kitchen drawer

This truly a professional knife that will make cutting and slicing so astonishingly easy. It's a fantastic bread knife. The 26 cm blade offers extra width and will make it the number one choice for the large country size loaf.

It is ideal for cutting clean slices through as many different ingredients as possible: for large fruits and vegetables, meat or a smooth cut through cakes, and pies too, the outwardly-curved, serrated edge of the Super Slicer blade allows for very fine cuts and prevents the foodstuffs from tearing or crumbling.

Each Wusthof knife is drop forged from a single piece of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel for maximum strength, balance and heft.

This specialised high-carbon, stain resistant alloy ensures that the cutting edge of the knife is razor sharp and also easy to resharpen.

A computer controlled grinding and polishing of the blade also ensures there is perfect tapering from bolster to tip.

The full tang knife is beautifully sandwiched by a synthetic, ergonomic handle that's been triple riveted for durability yet still retains its stylish looks and smoothness.

The perfectly weighted full bolster gives the knife its heft and protects your fingers too.

WÜSTHOF's precise, double-serrated edge makes a clear difference with this bread knife: in contrast with a single-serrated edge, this knife has serrations within the serrations, meaning that it remains sharp for longer, requires less pressure and is suitable for very precise, smooth cuts.

Bread with a hard crust is not crushed when sliced with this double-serrated blade, while bread with a soft crust is also sliced cleanly, without any tearing of the delicate surface. 

The small blunt section at the tip of the blade is designed for extra crusty loaves. As you slice down to the bottom of the loaf, simply lift the handle up and use the blunt tip to slice through the hard bottom crust.

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Wüsthof was founded over 200 years ago in Solingen, Germany, and has become synonymous with form, function and uncompromising quality. Their knives have earned the trust of thousands of foodies and professional chefs across the globe, making Wüsthof one of the world's leading knife brands.